EDI Claims Follow-Up

Within 24 hours of uploading your claims, you should check your claim status. A File Summary Report is available online. This report lists the status of all claims received by Office Ally (OA). This acts as your receipt that your claims have been entered into the OA system.

To obtain a File Summary:

  • Log in to Office Ally's website and click, “Download File Summary.”

  • Click the pink-colored day on the calendar.

  • Below the calendar, click, “View” and then click, “Open.”

Note: ANSI 837 users may receive an ERR Report in place of their file summary – you should contact OA if you receive this report.

Follow-up tools available from Office Ally

  • Patient Look-Up – check patient eligibility for IPAs

  • View Claim History – see claim status and EDI responses for a whole File ID or a specific claim.

  • Inventory Reporting – search for claims using a variety of options including date-uploaded, patient name, insurance company, or tax ID.

  • Code Search – check the validity of CPT codes, ICD10 codes, place of service codes, and modifiers.

  • Claim Fix – rejected claims are listed by date; click on a rejected claim, make any necessary changes, and click, “Update.” Updated claims will automatically be reprocessed that night.

  • Eligibility Request – request real-time patient eligibility for select insurance companies.