EDI Claim Submission Using Office Ally's Online Entry Tool

Office Ally provides an online entry tool for those providers who wish to submit claims electronically but do not have claims processing software.

To use this tool, you must first have enrolled with ActivHealthCare for EDI. Click here for enrollment information. Once you are enrolled, you will receive a user name and password from Office Ally. Their support staff will contact you and provide training on online entry.

Go to www.officeally.com and click LOGIN on the bar across the top. Enter the User Name and Password you received upon setting up your account with Office Ally.

Entering Your First Claim
  • Move your mouse over to Online Entry, and select HCFA Insert Claim. The digital HCFA1500 form will appear.
  • Type in the claim information.
  • Click on the UPDATE button in the bottom left corner of the page.

The patient, facility, rendering provider, billing provider will be stored for future use. You will not have to re-enter the information again!! You will then receive a message stating that your claim has been successfully batched.

Creating a Claim Using Stored Information
  • Move your mouse over to Online Entry, and select HCFA Insert Claim.
  • From the drop down menus, select the patient, provider, and facility. (If you’re billing for a new patient, don’t select any patient from the drop down menu.)
  • A claim will appear with the information you selected already filled in. Just fill in the remaining information and click, UPDATE.You will receive a message saying your claim has been successfully created.
Checking Your Claim Status

Checking your File Summary – This Step is Critical!
Within 24 hours, your file summary is ready. This report lists the status of all claims received by Office Ally. This acts as your receipt that your claims have been entered into our system.

  • Log into Office Ally.
  • Click the pink-colored day on the calendar.
  • Below the calendar, click, VIEW and then click, OPEN.

You can view illustrated instructions in addition to entering data in advance by
clicking here.